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February 20, 2020

Cannabis is planted for different purposes. For instance, the people who cultivate recreational marijuana target the highest THC strains in the market. Moreover, people with medicinal purposes plant high CBD strains. A successful growing of the marijuana plant owes a lot to genetics that it is formed of. THC count of the plant also depends on the Gene composition of the plant. For those who are new to the cannabis, THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, a chemical compound responsible for the effect of euphoria. Tetrahyrocannabinol is one of the major ingredients in the cannabis plant.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol which is not intoxicating as THC. THC is psychoactive, meaning capable of changing the drug taker’s mental state by confusing the brain‘s function. In ancient civilizations such as the Assyrians communities consumed marijuana as a psychoactive substance during certain religious ceremonies.

Cannabinoids like THC operates together with Endocannabinoid System; and generate bodily sensations like appetite, pain sensations and mood. THC has a close attachment to the human brain function. It has the ability to generate neurotransmitters which cause the euphoria and elation.

How does THC intensify your brain and bodily function?

Consuming marijuana makes you feel stoned. The intensity of elation depends on the THC count. Depending on the genetics and conditions of the high-THC strains, you may experience relaxation or paranoia. These effects are also determined by the nature of the consumer too. THC’s other mental effects are as followed: heightened bodily sensations and experiences, loquacity, heightened brain activity and distorted time perceptions.

There are both risks and benefits of THC. Science has not reached definitive answers to decide whether cannabinoids is a viable medicine. The limited and insufficient number of research conducted so far on cannabinoids has some preliminary evidence about its beneficial effects.

THC for Recreational Purposes.

 The prevalent interest in THC is its euphoric effect. Getting used to your moderate individual dose will lead you to use THC wisely for relaxation. Otherwise taking powerful THC dose will only render you paranoid and dizzy.

As a leading weed shop Canada, No Bad Haze is attempting to increase the euphoric power of our THC products in the market. The following list of THC strains exhibits the highest potencies. Beware of the dose, if you try one of the following THC strains without patience.

10 Most Famous Strains

Gorilla Glue

THC Level: 24-30%

gorilla glue strains

‘Gorilla Glue’ name for this THC strain derives from the past glue brand from the same name. Gorilla Glue has been discovered by two farmers named Lonie Watie and Joesy Whales. Gorilla Glue is a potent indica-dominant strain whose parent strains are Sour Dubb and Chem Sis. The plant has been named after Gorilla Glue due to its resin-covered buds. Its flowering period reaches after ten weeks from seeding.

Nova OG

THC Level: 32%

Being among the highest intensive strains of the globe, Nova OG strain has a huge THC level of 32%. It is among the strong indica properties. It gives you a strong euphotic experience with its citrusy, pungent and sweet smell. When it is grown in the open spaces, it will yield a harvest of 650grams per plant, whereas its indoor harvest will only produce about 500grams/m2.

Durban Cookies

THC Level: 29%

Durban Cookies is a Sativa-dominant hybrid of Durban Poison and Girl Scout Cookies. It is so potent that it has the capacity to give the consumer a focused uplifting sensation.


Strawberry Banana

THC Level-20-26%

strawberry banana

Strawberry Banana is derived by a balanced hybridization. Its parent strains are Bubble Gum and Banana Kush. It is designed to create a fruity taste and to emit a scent. Thus if you consume Strawberry Banana, people around you will discern the presence of it among them due to the emitted fragrance. If you want privacy, use it when you are isolated. This strain carries a THC level of 20-26%. Indoor plantations blossom in about nine weeks with an average harvest of 500grams per square meter.

King Tut

THC Level: 25-30%

king tut weed

 King Tut strain’s name traces back to the famous Tutankhamun, the Egyptian mighty Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. King Tut is known to hold high THC levels ranging from 25-30%. It is produced by Pyramid seeds and is a hybridized variety of AK-47 and an unknown strain. The beginners should not consume a hefty dose of this strain instantly. It also produces harvest eight weeks from seeding. King tut strain can administer you fast, energizing cerebral effect. It is cultivated indoor environments and yields about 500grams of flowers per square meter.

Bruce Banner

THC Level: 30%

bruce banner strains

  This strain’s name traces back to Hulk’s alter ego, Bruce Banner. The taste of Bruce Banner is citrusy takes the consumer through strong creativity and a whole-body mood boost. Bruce Banner produces a large harvest: indoor plantations reach 800gr/m2; outdoor plantations yield around 1000gr per plant. The flowering period begins in the 8-9 week from seeding


Liberty Haze

THC Level: 25%

   Created by crossing Chem Dawg 91 and G13, Liberty Haze flowers in about eight weeks after seeding. Besides this strain consist of kolas and fat which help it produce large amounts of harvest both indoors and outdoors. Consumers like its citrusy and pungent tastes along with the heightened sensation.



Godfather OG

The THC level: 21-25%

god father strains

   Godfather is a reputed strain with the capacity to give the consumer a relaxing and light experience. It is made by crossing Bubba Kush, L.A Confidential and GDP. It possesses a potent pungent aroma and taste. Therefore consume it cautiously.

Girl Scout Cookies

The THC Level: 26% 

girl scout strains

This strain has dealt with lawsuits over its initial trade name. It is one of the most searched strains from Mendocino in California. Girl Scout Cookies yields harvest in both indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor grown plants reach one meter in height with around 500gr/m2, while an outdoor grown cultivation reach almost two meters in height with a far bigger yield (around 425- 475gr/ m2 ) than the former.

Venom OG Kush

The THC Level: 19-23%

venom og kush strains

  This strain was discovered by Rare Dankness, the creator of Ghost Train Haze. Venom OG has been created by crossing Rare Dankness #1 and Poison OG. Its moderately large clustered buds are indicative of indica genetics that it is made of. Warm open spaces best fit Venom OG strain. Its Indica genetics easily counterattack possible invasion of moulds and diseases. Beginners can easily handle a Venom OG plantation which grows to medium size.

Measuring THC level in Marijuana strains.

   THC does not produce itself in raw cannabis. A chemical process called decarboxylation has to take place to trim down non-psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol acid in cannabis to THC. By calculating the content of the THC in cannabis in a lab, we can figure out its ‘approximate THC content’. The THC ratio does not sharply convert to THC ratio. Therefore the approximate amount of the THC is counted as a percentage against the total weight of cannabis.

    Nonetheless, labs currently lack a proper equation to convert the THC content from THC amount. Thus the results from the conversions could be misleading. The current equation produces calculation based on ‘mass weight correction of 12%’, which is workable only under an ideal vacuum. While we can guarantee that the amount of THC composition is a reliable data to proceed to the calculation, the lack of an accurate standard method to perform the conversion is an issue. Yet the THC information is an important factor to consider before using any type of cannabis.

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