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January 27, 2022

Buying Weed Online In Canada


These days with Covid being so prevalent, humans have become more inclined to hermit themselves away in comfy clothes and soft blankets. We grab our favourite joints, turn on the tele and fade away into the comforts of things we didn’t know how much we needed. Personally, I am one to keep myself locked away in my apartment if possible.

Being on the extreme side of introvertedness, one of the things I run into quite frequently is the need to buy weed online. I’ve found It can be quite a trial-and-error process if you aren’t sure what to do and your usual dispensary doesn’t do online sales. Or maybe you are new to marijuana and looking for a way to stay Covid safe by shopping for marijuana online and just aren’t sure how to get started.

Either way, it never hurts to be able to turn to your trusty guide. So how do we shop for the perfect cannabis product for ourselves? Let’s dive in and get a look at what seems to be a beautiful way to buy our favourite herb.


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The Smell Effect

Usually, when we enter a Canadian weed dispensary before the lovely covid happened, we would be able to smell the different flowers and choose the ones that appealed to us that way. However, wearing a mask can cut into that, and let’s face it, if you have the option to weed shop online that’s the way to go these days.

So, to recap, we aren’t able to smell before we buy and if you are new to the industry, you might not be sure what to get. My personal way of shopping for weed online is by the description. For the moment we are going to ignore the Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid parts. Let’s focus on the name and the description.

In most cases, you’ll find the name of the cannabis, like Orange Cookie Kush, and its brief description of how it might taste or smell. Sometimes just the name gives it away. Each strain is unique in its own way and there are so many out there to choose from. Here at No Bad Haze, we tend to carry about 10 strains on average, which can vary due to popularity. We try to keep our customers satisfied with their fresh options.


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The Feel Factor

Another important step in deciding which cannabis strain would be the best for you is the feel factor. Each strain works differently in the body and can vary from person to person but for the most part, you can trust the descriptions to be fairly accurate as to how you will feel. At this point, we do want to also consider Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid strains.

If you aren’t sure then my best recommendation would be to find the name and strain you think you’ll like in all three and order a gram or two of each if we are smoking flower. Sativas tend to have a more energizing effect whereas an Indica is a more calming, zoned-out effect. However, I’m an Indica girl because I work

better on Indica than I do with Sativa flowing through my system. So make sure we check out the best options for you. 

Flower, Shatter, or More

So we have talked a lot about cannabis flower, yet there’s so much more out there if you aren’t a flower-type person. If you prefer to use a blow torch (who doesn’t like a good fire stick?) then shatter or wax might be your go-to. This to me is a much cleaner smoke however it can seem a bit harsher the first few times if you don’t take small enough dabs. I also find that it can take much less smoking time to get to a nice high and is not as pungent while smoking inside. 

Then we also have edibles. Edibles are an easy go-to option on the go and a great way to break into the weed industry if you aren’t familiar. You have the options to choose between chocolates, gummies, drinks, and even butter to make your favorite cookies or plop a few drops of a tincture into your food at supper. 

With so many options to choose from, I can guarantee you’ll find your favorite in no time. You’ll have that perfect dose before bed and the dose to get some cleaning done around the house. With the opportunity to mix and match you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget your favourite glass for their smoking abilities! A good piece will go a long way when it comes to choosing which weed to buy online. 


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The Dispensary

Just like having so many options for weed we also have a ton of dispensaries in Canada. Since Covid, more and more weed shops have moved to also being able to sell weed online in Canada and there’s even been some pop-up of online-only stores.

We want to be careful when purchasing online. The best way to find out which is right for you is to see how easy it is to talk to someone who is knowledgeable, look at reviews of the store, and I always say look at how long it’s been around.

The first two are more important I would say. If you don’t already have your go-to dispensary or are looking to switch then make sure you do your research on the ones that stand out and you are comfortable. Remember, your store is your best friend.



There is so much that goes into buying weed online in Canada that it’s impossible to write it all down in one article unless I wanted to give you a book! I hope that the information here is enough to help you find your starting point and have a great experience at purchasing online.

Sometimes it can get overwhelming and we hope we can help you ease that sensation with our experts here at No Bad Haze.

As always, we hope you have a safe and happy high!

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