CannabisAll You Need To Know About Lemon Sour Diesel

June 26, 2020

What Is Lemon Sour Diesel?

For those of you who know, Lemon Sour Diesel is a popular strain known to be nearly 70% Indica-dominant. As suggested by the name itself, these strains have a strong smell similar to Diesel, and taste like lemon when lit up. The Lemon Sour Diesel cannabis strains were originally introduced by Green Lantern Seeds and are said to have a quite significant 19-22 percent THC composition.

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Effects Of Lemon Sour Diesel

The considerably strong THC inclusion of these strains creates a relaxed and euphoric state of mind when consumed. This very same effect of Lemon Sour Diesel is what has become useful in the medical context as well. To delve deeper into this claim, Lemon Sour Diesel strains are not only useful in creating a euphoric state, but it is also very effective in uplifting a person’s mood, energizing them, and enabling their creativity. This is simply because of the state of high created by these strains put together with their nature of NOT negatively affecting a person’s brain performance.
In the medical context, Lemon Sour Diesel strains are very popular for benefiting people suffering from depression, anxiety pain, and loss of appetite. However, these strains do have several side effects that are not very welcome. The most common side effects are a parched mouth and dry eyes, while some people may also experience drowsiness and dizziness.

Where Can You Buy?

Lemon Sour Diesel strains could be purchased at most dispensaries. However, if you are concerned about physically being present to buy your weed, you can always visit a weed shop online to conveniently purchase your strains. Not to forget, for those of you all who are unable to make it to a physical store, or are living in an area where stores around you do not sell Lemon Sour Diesel, these online dispensaries can be an ideal solution. After all, like all other eCommerce platforms, You can make use of a wide range of benefits when you buy ganja online.

Cultivate On Your Own

Cultivating your own Lemon Sour Diesel plants is not that hard when compared to actually getting your hands on few Lemon Sour Diesel seeds. There are only a few stores and online platforms through which you can purchase these seeds in different quantities.
Nevertheless, when it comes to cultivating these cannabis plants, you could either go ahead with indoor cultivation or outdoor cultivation. Due to the thick budding nature of these plants, the sea of green growing technique is said to be very effective for cultivation.
When cultivated indoors, it requires nearly 70 days to flower, and it has a good yield of nearly 15 ounces (450 grams) per square meter. When cultivated outdoors, these plants take only 60-65 days to flower. But they do indicate a better yield of about 26 ounces (760 grams) per plant.

Lemon Sour Diesel At A Glance

This is a popular Indica-dominant strain with a significant THC composition. When lit up they emit a strong odor similar to the smell of Diesel and give a citrus taste. Having been known for their ability to enhance peoples’ moods and energies while also creating a state of euphoria, these strains are well known for both recreational and medical purposes.
If you are looking to grow your own strains, these plants are quite easy to deal with as long as you can purchase your own Lemon Sour Diesel seeds. Else, you can always seek the services of a Canadian dispensary online to purchase your strains.

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