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June 3, 2020

Cannabis Edible Dosage Guide Proven By The Researches

If you know how cannabis edibles metabolize, that is pretty much everything you need to know about them. Understanding how cannabis works in your body will help you create for yourself; a healthy experience of consuming cannabis.

Digesting Marijuana Edibles

Both when you smoke cannabis and cook it, the common phenomenon that happens is the decarboxylation of THCA to THC. The process of heating is what makes the THC to secrete. The psychoactive reaction the human brain shows towards smoking cannabis is abrupt and effortless, as the smoke directly travels into the blood through the lungs. This is why the first whiff itself gives you a considerable high almost instantly.
Edible marijuana hits the stomach, just like any other food would do. The process of digestion is not immediate, and THC absorbed by the intestinal linings would then be directed towards the liver, where it would be broken down into a THC of much higher effectiveness. Cannabis edibles are slow in giving results because this metabolizing process is similar to that of the meals you eat.  You really need to follow standard cannabis edible dosage guide in order to reap the best results. As the effects are not as immediate as they are when you smoke cannabis, consuming edibles needs to be done with care. This is where most first time users of cannabis need a proper guide to follow, so that problems with dosage could be avoided.

Be Patient!

Nothing is worse than a cannabis overdose. When you smoke, you can feel it when you are going out of control, which is not necessarily the case in eating them. According to the cannabis edible dosage guide prepared by the researchers, Edible cannabis takes 30 minutes to two hours to give effects, so you would not feel anything during the first few minutes. This would be a temptation for you to gobble up some more, which is where the disaster starts.
Just because cannabis-infused candy, gummies, chocolate and cookies taste yummy; they are not to be chewed up in handfuls. If you want to do that, grab a bag of candy from your local store!

Diet Plans

A huge share of attention must be given to what you have already eaten and drunk before having a cannabis treat. If you are having the edible when you have an empty stomach, the results will start kicking in faster and stronger. A heavy, fatty meal would slow down the process of digesting cannabis. What if you already had a couple of drinks before trying the cannabis edible? This would be another reason why your high would hit harder.
If you are a first-timer, an accidental overdose is the last thing you need. This is why we always recommend selecting an edible treat with a moderate dose of THC and CBD – maybe something like 1.25mg – 1.5mg. This can help you be intoxicated to just the right amount where you will neither be unaware of your high nor pass out.

Follow the Instructions

cannabis edible dosage guideIf you buy from a responsible online dispensary Canada, you are sure to get an accurate product description with the exact amounts of THC and CBD you are purchasing with the edibles. Even when the packaging says that the dosage of 10mg THC is standard, there are different doses recommended for different types of users.

1mg – 2.5mg – For first-timers looking for a mild effect for better focus and medical relief.
2.5mg – 15mg – Relief from recurring medical conditions
15mg – 30mg – Users with experience, insomniacs
30mg – 50mg – Users that have a higher THC tolerance
50mg – 100mg – Critical patients needing cannabis ( This THC level is capable of causing major impairments and side effects.)

CBD Levels

CBD is the active ingredient that balances out the intoxicating effects of THC and adds medical value to the cannabis edibles. If your edibles come with a THC level that overpowers CBD, it is not the perfect product for you. A balance of 1:1 CBD and THC levels would be an ideal amount to be taken in smaller doses, while a CBD dominant edible would give you a perfectly balanced experience in which the medical effects are prominent, and the high is still there.

Top Tips for Cannabis Edible Users

Cannabis-infused candy, gummies, mints, toffees, chocolates and troches start kicking in after you let them dissolve in your mouth. Do not swallow the edibles right away. Chew them or suck on them first, so that it would break down before hitting your stomach. To accelerate the effect of the edibles, eat a piece of orange or apple right after. Keep yourself hydrated before and after having cannabis edibles. Nothing works better than fresh, clean water.
When it comes to treating patients with serious medical conditions through Cannabis edibles, the cannabis intake must be monitored at all times by a responsible caretaker, a doctor or healthcare professional.
Cannabis edibles would taste heavenly, that much is clear. But always keep in mind to control your intake.

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