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October 19, 2019

CBD oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is an ingredient found in cannabis. As cannabis continues to be a taboo topic that was very recently legalized, people hesitate to grasp the fact that marijuana is not only a drug but also a medicinal plant that has the power to ease chronic pain conditions. Unlike THC, which is also present in cannabis, CBD is not a psychoactive chemical. In simple English, CBD alone cannot make you high. It is the THC that does that. While recreational users actually do not try to separate each chemical from the other because their only wish is to get high, patients of chronic pain must pay attention to which cannabinoid you are taking and why. In this article, we would discuss whether using CBD oil to treat arthritis is possible.


Arthritis is the swelling of joints. There are over 100 different types of it, and one patient may have multiple inflamed joints. Highly painful and irritating, arthritis results in decreased mobility, joint pain, joint swelling and even disability and paralysis. Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis are the two most common types of arthritis.

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is the condition where someone’s immune system attacks the joints. RA is usually seen in the joints of hands and feet.

Osteoarthritis is when joint bones and cartilage are affected. OA commonly hits thumb joints, knees, and hips, resulting in severe problems to mobility.

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CBD oil VS. Arthritis

CBD is known for curing pain and reducing stress. It is a proven medication to reduce inflammation, and as we know, arthritis simply means “inflammation of joints.” The researches that were done on testing the medicinal use of CBD against arthritis was slow, but there were still some results that made the world see the obvious impacts of the ingredient on chronic pain.

2011 – A test proved that CBD reduced inflammatory pain of rats

2014 – CBD was named as a possible but still unproven treatment for osteoarthritis.

2016 – Applying topical forms of CBD oil can have control of the pain resulted from joint inflammation.

2017 – CBD was proven to be a successful treatment for OA and joint pain.

The ongoing research about the medicinal value of CBD oil to fight off arthritis is always leaning towards the positive side. The traditional resistance towards cannabis and the deeply uprooted belief that it is only a drug has set the research back several steps. But CBD oil is recommended to treat arthritis by doctors worldwide, especially here in Canada, where marijuana is now legal.

How does CBD oil treat joint pain?

In our brain, there is a receptor called CB2 that helps in managing inflammation and pain. Once inside your body, CBD attaches to these CB2 receptors, thus altering the way the receptors regulate pain and inflammation. Cannabidiol has the power to optimize the job of CB2 receptors. This results in an immediate reduction of pain and inflammation. CBD is a chemical that has anti-inflammatory qualities – which is why it can be so surely considered as a very effective way of dealing with arthritis.

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How to use CBD oil for arthritis

Cannabis is usually smoked or chewed. While the ingestion of CBD-dominant marijuana can help a lot, there are special cannabis products in the market which are recommended by doctors most of the time. Specifically for arthritis, the gel and cream forms of CBD oil are available for grabs, and applying it to the affected areas gives fast results. Some CBD products for arthritis come as capsules, pills and oral sprays – and the CBD levels of each product may vary. This is why you need the help of a healthcare professional before you buy CBD off the shelf. Whatever the form of CBD you use, make sure that you are obtaining it legally. Illegal possession and under-aged consummation of cannabis can lead to severe legal problems even in countries where marijuana is officially allowed.

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Finding treatments or arthritis has been a long struggle. The disease still remains incurable, especially rheumatoid arthritis. Whatever the cures that have been found so far are to manage pain, gradually improve mobility, reduce stress and control the spread. There is no way of making arthritis go away, but only a few ways like exercise, surgery, medication and ointments to reduce symptoms. In a world where no one has managed to find a proper and permanent cure for arthritis, CBD oil can be a lifesaver. Its natural power to reduce and manage pain can be the best way to keep your arthritis pain at bay. Scientists are still working on this, but CBD oil is also suspected to be capable of reducing inflammation, therefore to stop arthritis from getting worse. If this assumption becomes true, that is a high leap for everyone who suffers every day from this hell of a disease.



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