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March 6, 2020


Before Cannabis was legalized in Canada, recreational Cannabis was not publicly popular. The niche sellers were always cautious not to advertise their products out loud. Being way more responsible and legally appropriate than that, our Canadian Dispensary Online always knows better. The consumption of high-quality marijuana that comes from genuine sources and sticking to a dosage that is safe and healthy to minimize the risks of overuse.

Changes and Trends

After the legalization, most of the Cannabis consuming population in Canada shifted to buy ganja online. The method of rolling weed and smoking it was pretty much the cliché of consumption, whereas the latest Cannabis consuming methods have evolved to be easier. When you buy from a weed shop, the choice of products is much wider than that of a manual market. The rise of platforms to buy ganja online enabled everybody to buy novelty cannabis products that were not available before.

When we look at any weed shop, the edibles, vapes, and concentrates are always among the best sellers. Creative cannabis products like soaps, hand and body lotions and make-up have changed the entire perception people hold of Cannabis. At this rate, it could be believed that the customers who buy ganja online have largely outgrown the manual buyers. An online dispensary Canada will be the best way to change the unhealthy habits of cannabis consumption and switch to more conservative and safe processes of usage.

Puff a Smoke!

Smoking is probably the most popular and definitely the most traditional way of consuming marijuana. When you visit an online weed shop, there are enough options of strains, pipes, bongs, bubblers and rolling papers to choose from. Some people love to puff smoke from a lightweight, handheld roll of Cannabis, while some others prefer to smoke it through a hookah. As an online dispensary Canada that has been around for a while, we know for a fact that most people choose smoking because of its convenience, abruptness, quick results and the controlled dosage. Nonetheless, marijuana smoke can cause damage to the respiratory system and the bronchial system if used excessively. We recommend letting the smoke out quicker and choosing a strain that will produce a stronger high.

Switch to a Vaporizer instead!

Weed Vapourizer
Weed Vapourizer from Online Dispensary Canada

Vapes are the best alternatives to enjoy the sensation of smoking without putting yourself in a health risk. Sounds perfect, right?

Purchase a vaporizer from an online dispensary Canada and limit the harmful toxins and chemicals released after burning cannabis strains. A vaporizer heats marijuana slowly, unlike other smoking methods that burn the strains into black soot.

Try an Edible

Cannabis edibles have become the latest favorite of everyone who visits any weed shop. The best thing about edibles is that they involve zero smoke. Cannabis would also taste delicious in the form of gummies, candies, sodas, cakes, cookies, chocolates and much more. The most significant perk of ordering edible Cannabis through an online dispensary Canada is that you get a lasting, intense high. The effects will be delayed up to two hours, but it is definitely worth the wait. The one advice we will give you as a reputed online dispensary Canada is to guard your dosage. After all, these are not meals that are to be gobbled up. Manage your intake with extra care when it comes to marijuana edibles.

Topicals and Tinctures

Tinctures too, are a less tasty yet equally healthy choice of cannabis consumption. Tinctures sold in an authorized weed shop will come in convenient small bottles with dropper tops. The dosage should be limited to two full droppers maximum, while the usual intake for a considerable high is two drops under the tongue. If you are a frequent customer to buy ganja online, you will already know how the results are quicker when consumed directly and slower when mixed with food and drinks.

Any online dispensary Canada that has a vast choice of marijuana products will also sell topicals. If you are a medical cannabis user; topicals like balms, sprays, lotions and gels will be useful in treating muscle pain, joint pain, soreness, and some skin conditions as well. The decarboxylation of cannabinoids makes these topicals suitable for direct application on the skin. Topicals are recommended for those who need medical treatment rather than a high.


However, the evolution of Cannabis with the emergence of mail order marijuana shops in Canada has been progressive towards better health and safety. Either way, you use to consume your weed, make sure you do not overdose or use it more frequently than necessary. Your health is in your hands, and if used correctly; Cannabis is one of the best ways to optimize your experience of life.

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