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June 7, 2020

What is Crunch Berry Kush

If you are stressed, feeling depressed, or in pain, Crunch Berry Kush is an exquisite Indica-dominant strain that would bring about amazing changes for you. Although its origins have been quite a mystery, this bud is said to be a rare blend of an anonymous berry strain and OG kush. Wrapped in all its goodness, Crunch Berry Kush is brought to you by Encanto Green Cross, a company based in Arizona. However, we at No Bad Haze are happy to announce to you that we are one of the leading sellers of Crunch Berry Kush.

These strains do look like berries of a slightly greenish shadow and highlighted with small traces of purple and pistils that are orange in colour. Like the name itself suggests, these buds taste and smell like natural berries with hints of earthly, spicy and vanilla whiffs. Rest assured, Encanto has done an amazing job when it comes to whipping up an exquisite strain that is neither too sweet nor too spicy – the perfect mix.


Crunch Berry Kush has a TCH level of about 16% and hence, usable by a wide range of people with different Cannabis experience levels. These nugs are ideal for the latter part of the day when you are done with all your commitments because Crunch Berry Kush has a way of completely relaxing a person – almost to a euphoric level. More often than not, once you satiate yourself with these nugs, you would find yourself calling it a day and relaxing at your own pace.

The Founder And Distributor Of Crunch Berry Kush

Crunch Berry seller online-weed-shop-canadaEncanto Green Cross – is a dispensary based in Arizona with a rich history for its well known medical services. Thus, it comes as no surprise when we say that Crunch Berry Kush is also quite useful for a variety of medical purposes as well, especially for those who are stressed and depressed. The euphoric nature of crunch berry strain helps people relax and thereby gives them relief from their constant low-moods and grim mindsets.

Moreover, Crunch Berry Kush is also known to have a pain-relieving effect that has proven to be very beneficial for patients who are suffering from various aches and discomfort. In addition to this, the euphoric and relaxing nature of the nugs also helps you deal with insomnia and loss of appetite. Before you know it, you will be back to your original self, all happy and relaxed.

Unfortunately, Encanto Green Cross is yet to let the world know the origins of this exquisite crunch berry strain. Even with the continuously growing demand for Crunch Berry Kush, this Arizona-based dispensary has managed to keep this Cannabis plant a secret, with not even a hint to the public. Neither have they released the seeds or clones of the plant either. Therefore, if you were looking forward to cultivating this strain for yourself, well, it does not look like that will be possible in the near future.

Crunch Berry Strain In Canada

Therefore, if you are looking forward to experiencing this exquisite strain, as a leading Canadian dispensary online, No Bad Haze can now provide you Crunch Berry Kush to your door. We guarantee you that you would not be disappointed. Because Crunch Berry Kush has their own way of bringing peace to a person through its unique euphoric nature. This same euphoric effect plays an amazing role in dealing with one’s insomnia, depression, pain, and loss of appetite.
Not to forget, in addition to all the benefits it brings, Crunch Berry Kush has its own rare taste that is yet to be matched by any other strain in the Cannabis edibles market. So do give Crunch Berry Kush a try. After a busy day at work, do step into your safe haven, and indulge in this splendid strain to enjoy a relaxed and happy mindset.

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