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November 23, 2019

How Can I Find An Online Weed Shop

Not every cannabis strain that you can find in an online dispensary Canada is as fresh as the ones sold in a reliable online weed shop Canada. But unlike something that you can simply acknowledge as fact, the freshness of weed is a multi-faceted issue in which you have to consider several different factors. Exposure to weather, packaging processes and transportation modes can change your weed big time.

It is necessary to know the ways to identify the fresh weed, for you should know you are paying your money for a good enough online weed shop Canada. When you buy ganja online or elsewhere, there is possibly no way of knowing whether they are fresh before you order them. But once the MOM dispensary Canada (Mail Order Marijuana) delivers the marijuana products right to your doorstep, you can check for the freshness by yourself.

We at one of the best Canadian dispensaries online will be more than glad to give you an ultimate guide to tell if the weed you ordered is fresh or not. This is the kind of information you can expect only from a genuine BC dispensary online Canada because a seller who sells low-quality marijuana will never reveal a freshness evaluation guide.

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The texture of the weed you buy tells you a big story. Usually, you can touch the weed you bought and see how fresh it is by the texture. If the MOM dispensary really sent you a pot of satisfactory quality, it will feel bulky, a bit sticky and somewhat moist.

There is a widely believed but very wrong myth that the driest weed that is easy to pound is the best, but dried up, coarse marijuana strains can only make the smoking experience short-lived, ineffective and slow. Weed with a rich texture has a high trichome, and resin concentration thereby gives you maximum effects. If an online weed shops Canada has moist weed, it can certainly be trusted.

Smell and taste

These are the two things marijuana is basically about. If the MOM dispensary delivers fresh weed, they will smell awesome and taste very strong. The weed has to be filled with flavour for it to be good. Vaping is one of the most successful ways to test the freshness of cannabis because this method can extract the richest flavours and make you feel them.

Once you buy weed online from an online weed shop Canada, unpack the parcel and start consuming, you need to make sure that it stays sealed, protected and stored well to preserve the taste and freshness. If not, the weed that was actually pungent and flavourful when the MOM dispensary sent it will turn out to be a useless pile of rubbish.


Depending on the strain you order, the colour of the product might differ. Nevertheless, fresh cannabis is always colourful, with a lustrous hint of green in it. You can check whether the online dispensary Canada that you ordered from has sent fresh cannabis strains by looking at the hue. Cannabis that has gone dry, brown and less vibrant is a huge hint to never order from that particular online weed shop again.


Did you know that those small, crystal-like, tiny dots that can be seen on the hair of weed buds actually stand for freshness? Indeed they do. Trichomes store cannabinoids in them and basically function as the powerhouses of a cannabis strain.

Any BC buds online dispensary Canada that works ethically and responsibly will know how important these little guys are. More trichomes indicate a higher level of impact. Always choose a MOM dispensary that promises you a higher number of trichomes, and delivers the promise as expected.

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If you still do not trust these methods, you can always do your own test to see whether your decision to buy weed online was correct in the first place. When burnt, good weed should either give white ash or greyish black ash. If your weed burns pitch black like coal, this is an indication that it might contain a more significant amount of tar.

But you cannot rely solely on this test; it is better to order from reliable online weed shop Canada and smoke to see whether it gives a satisfactory high. If you are sated, that means you made a choice you will not regret.

Keep Your Weed Fresh

Storing your cannabis strains in a cool, dry container with a humidity pack in it can preserve the freshness. As a MOM dispensary that knows how fast weed can get weaker, we recommend that you always keep weed sealed and unexposed.

Overview of Finding Fresh Weed at Online Weed shop Canada

If an online weed shop Canada sends their weed a bit sticky, aromatic, considerably flavourful and full of trichome – you are definitely making the right choice. Choose weed that gives you a remarkable high.

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