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October 15, 2019

Buy Cannabis Online Canada

Cannabis is no longer taboo. With the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana in Canada, several people are looking to buy Cannabis online Canada via easy and affordable ways. Even if marijuana is legal now, you cannot order tons of it. There are still strict rules that apply, and every cannabis consumer in Canada is subject to sentences of the Federal Cannabis Act. Each province in Canada has a different strategy to follow when they sell ganja online, because of the separate governing laws they are enforced with.

It is mandatory to stick to the rules and regulations when you buy pot from an online weed shop Canada because otherwise, you could fall in potential danger for trying to exploit the law. The right to recreational Cannabis was a long-fought battle, and one wrong move could destroy everything. Not knowing the law is not an excuse, which is why we, as the most responsible Canadian dispensary online thought to educate you on how to buy Cannabis online Canada without breaking the rules.

How to Buy Cannabis Online Canada

British Columbia

BC is one of the provinces in Canada that took the lead in the struggle of legalizing Cannabis, and also where some of the best weed in the whole country is produced. BC buds online can be ordered by anyone over 19 years of age, and the responsibility of all cannabis packages are handed over to the delivery company once they are shipped. The laws of age restriction have become very strict in BC, where the age confirmation not only appears on the website but also upon deliverance. Once the package you ordered from the online weed shop Canada arrives at your doorstep, the receiver on your end must be able to prove his adult state before accepting the package.


In Saskatchewan, the legal age to consume Cannabis is 18 years. The difference of the Saskatchewan online weed shop strategy is that to start a Canadian dispensary online, and one must be a licensed retailer who has an authentic retail space. Private cannabis retailers with a legal permit are in charge of selling Cannabis online in Saskatchewan.


In Alberta, the legal Cannabis ordering age is 18, and the age and identity verification process are automated. Albertan law takes buy Cannabis online Canada very seriously, which is why verification of age, name, and address is mandatory. The verification is done through Equifax and is directed to a scanned ID verification online if Equifax verification fails. Once automated, You would be qualified as a legally authorized personnel to buy Cannabis Online Canada in Alberta.

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In Manitoba, one has to be at least 19 to buy Cannabis online Canada. Manitoba’s government follows a strategy similar to that of Saskatchewan when it comes to buying and selling weed, in which an online weed shop is the full responsibility of private permit-holders. The government has decided to stay out of it.


Ontario Cannabis Store, fondly known as the OCS was the only online shop for the Ontarian folks to buy Cannabis until very recently. In April 2019, private online weed shop rights were offered to retailers, changing the landscape of Cannabis sold in Ontario. However, all orders sent from any Ontarian online weed shop must be delivered within Ontario between 1-3 days.


SQDC’s online market is what sells Cannabis to Quebec residents, while the legal age of buying Cannabis online Canada is 18. But the Quebec government is working on increasing this age limit for up to 21 years due to ethical reasons.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick has less strict rules about Cannabis than in Quebec. They have the freedom to access government-owned online weed shop platforms as well as online dispensaries owned by private retailers. The legal age of consuming is 19, and age confirmations would be done upon ordering.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has an interesting way of age confirmation that is unique to the province. Nova Scotians are required to obtain an access code that they can get from physical NSLC locations prior to ordering from an online dispensary Canada. The access codes would not be given to anyone who fails to prove that he/she is above 19 years of age. Once the access code is gained, they can use it to enter the NSLC marijuana store online.

Prince Edward Island

Here, the cannabis consumers can visit the province’s official online weed shop to order their weed, and the legal age for doing so is 19.

Newfoundland and Labrador

Even if the province allows private retailers to sell Cannabis manually, the online weed shop right is still solely in the hands of the government. You cannot buy ganja online from private retailers in Newfoundland and Labrador, and the authorities are still pondering on dividing the responsibility between private retailers and the government.

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Residents of Yukon too, are not open to the option of private retailers yet. Everyone above 19 must rely on the government’s website for buying Cannabis online, but hopefully, they would be able to buy from a private online dispensary Canada in the near future.

Northwest Territories

NTLCC, or the Northwest Territories Liquor and Cannabis Commission, is the legal seller of Cannabis online Canada in Northwest Territories. Once someone is 19 years of age, he/she can buy Cannabis from NTLCC – but the online weed shop options offered to them are still not vast enough.


Tweed is what sells weed to Nunavut residents, but they also have a privilege none of the other provinces get. If you are a resident of Nunavut, you are given a chance to order your weed over the phone. There is a specially operated government phone line that allows you to purchase. You still have to be above 19 to use marijuana in Nunavut, and any under-aged consummation of weed would be viewed as a violation of the law.

As it is shown, different provinces behave in different ways in the online weed shop industry. It is mandatory to know your limits and rights before you buy Cannabis online in Canada.

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