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August 26, 2019

Growing your own marijuana can be very rewarding and even a lot of fun. Unfortunately, it is not a cheap process and a lot of people are not able to fund it financially or come up with the time it actually takes to build and maintain a quality grow. But With recent developments in the industry, it has become a bit more affordable to do. A lot of the new tools and methods also allow people to automate many of the necessary steps on maintaining as well.

In this blog, we are going to educate you on the basics of what is needed to start a grow. As stated above, growing your own marijuana can be a very rewarding process. It will be the healthiest and happiest high you have ever had knowing exactly what kind of foods and pesticides have been added, and having a sense of accomplishment that you put a lot of hard work into your product.

Advantages of growing marijuana plants

There are a lot of benefits to growing your own personal marijuana. Let us break down some of the biggest ones in our opinion.

  • Hygiene

This is in our opinion one of the nicest things about growing your own marijuana indoors. When you are growing indoors it is much easier to control the hygiene in your room. When outdoors there is no way to shield your plants from pests, fungus, bugs, germs, and even parasites. Avoiding any powdery mildew and bugs is key, they will eat away at your plants and not only affect the yield of your crops but the quality as well.

  • Climate control

Controlling the climate in your room is essential for getting the maximum yield and quality out of your crops. When outdoors you are unable to predict the weather, and the fluctuation from day to night temperatures can have a negative impact on your plants depending on where you are located. Humidity is impossible to control outside. Indoors you can always throw a dehumidifier or humidifier to get the room to ideal growing conditions.

  • Multiple crops

Growing indoors means that you get to have multiple crops throughout the year and don’t need to rely on the seasonal weather. As long as you have a room that can give you light for at least 18hrs a day for vegging and 12 hrs a day for flowering, then you are set!

growing marijuana plants indoor

How much does it cost to grow indoor marijuana

Although growing indoors is very rewarding, it is not a cheap option to take by any means.  A typical price to grow indoors can be around $75 a square foot. Now be sure to realize that this is a very rough number. There are many things you can do to make this cost a bit cheaper. There are also a lot of factors that can cost you a lot more. Especially when you take into consideration trial and error. It will take you time to get everything dialled in. You are going to make some mistakes, some smaller, and most likely some substantial mistakes that may set you back a bit. But these are the same risks that can come with any business.

The reason indoor growing is so expensive is the expensive equipment and hyrdo that’s needed to create the perfect growing conditions. You need to dial in your temperature, humidity, lighting and airflow. This can take some very expensive equipment to bring all the elements to perfection. The plus side of all this money being spent is that cannabis grown indoors can be of very high quality and sell at a higher price. Another thing to remember is that once the equipment is paid for and installed, besides replacing the odd things that break down, you can reap the benefits month by month as you continue to crop out.

What you will need to Grow your plants.

  •   A pretty obvious and most important element to growing your plants is WATER. How you water your plants is crucial to success when growing. Your plants will suffer dramatically by either over or under watering them. it’s important to know exactly how much water should be given and how often. Being aware of this can save you a ton of headaches and most likely a lot of money.
  •   Humidity is very important when trying to produce a crop with large yields. You should always try to keep the humidity lower when in the flowing stage (around 50-65). In the vegetative stage, they actually like the humidity to be a bit higher (around 65-80). Try to remove and access water in the room to keep it down. Add a dehumidifier to suck some of the moisture out and pump it into a water barrel or somewhere outside your grow room.  Keeping the humidity levels lower in the flowing stage will also help to avoid any mold.
  • The temperature should always be watched closely. You want to avoid having hot spots in your room. Having proper airflow will help you to distribute the air in the room out evenly. If your rooms get too hot you can make all sorts of problems for yourself and getting good yields will be extremely difficult. One thing to remember is that different strains need different temperatures to thrive. A typical temperature to start with in flower is around 80 degrees. You can adjust from there and see if they prefer hotter or cooler conditions.
  • The marijuana plant requires a good amount of light for transforming carbon-dioxide into sugar. If the plants don’t get enough light it could directly affect your yields and you will never see the full potential of your crops. Over the years the industry has come out with new and exciting lights to use that can produce better yields and quality of the plants. Find out which lighting systems best suits your room and budget.
  • Having the proper airflow is important when trying to get the most out of your marijuana plants. It is important to make sure you have enough fans around your room to keep everything moving and avoid mold issues.
  • Co2 is like steroids for plants. Keep your lighting optimized and add Co2 to get massive returns on your crops. It can get expensive keeping a steady supply in your rooms. But there are a couple of different ways to you can supply your plants with this much-needed element.
  • Always make sure to use a good medium. Whether that’s soil or coco. Make sure it drains properly and has the properly balanced P.H, nutrients, and macronutrient levels needed to optimize your plant’s growth

growing marijuana plants

 The cost of equipment

When starting an indoor grow you are going to need a lot of equipment. Depending on the scale of your operation it may cost you a ton of money as well. Here is a list of some of the necessary things needed for a good grow room:

  • Lights: $200-$3000  There are so many different kinds of light you can buy these days. If you stick with your typical HPS you can get them for around $200. But if you decide you want to go the LED route you could be spending upwards of $3000 a light for some of the top models.
  • fans: $25-$150 The amount of money needed to spend on your fans really is going to depend on the size of your room and the layout. You can get used fans cheap but don’t expect them to last very long. These will be running around the clock in your rooms.
  • watering system: $200 Again. The amount of money you spend on your watering systems will depend on how you want your room setup. You could go the easy route and get a couple of 50gal water drums, a long hose, and a watering wand. Or you could set up an auto water system to save you a lot of time in the future but this will most likely cost you a lot of time to set up and more money. $200 could get you the basic drum and wand setup.
  • climate monitor: $75 You will need a monitor to follow the temperatures and humidity levels of your room. Luckily this is a fairly cheap purchase.
  • nutrients $200-$1000 If you just want to get your basic 1 or 2 part nutrients you could probably do it for around $200 depending on the brand and amount you will need. But with all the fancy additives that have come out over the years to help maximize yields and quality, chances are you will end up spending more than $200
  • Medium: $50 A typical bail of promix which is about 28 gallons will cost you roughly $50
  • pots or beds for soil: $.50-$150 Depending if you want to use pots for your plants or buy/make beds the price will vary. You could grab used pots for very cheap if you are able to find them. New pots will typically cost you $2-$5. building beds would cost around $150 each to cover a typical 1000W light (5ftX5ft)
  • cooling system:$100-$5000 A/C units can get very expensive. Running an A/C unit can also cost you a lot of money because they suck a lot of power and use a lot of energy. A 5 ton A/C unit can cost you upwards of $5000 new. You can always go a cheaper route and get air cooled shades that are aired out with ducting. Or use a water chiller. You have to get creative when it comes to cooling your room. This sometimes can be a huge task and cost you a lot of money in equipment and labour.
  • Dehumidifier:$200 You will definitely need one of these. You never want your room to get high humidity when in the flowering stage. It can cause a ton of issues with your plants and even bring mold. If you have a large room. Chances are you may need more than one Dehu.
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