CannabisJoints vs. Edibles: How Cannabis Affects the Body

May 11, 2020

Cannabis is not a new concept to people. Cannabis consumption has been made legal in several parts of the world, including Canada. Most consumers tend to buy ganja online because the recent popularity of the online weed shops has been massive. As a leading Canadian dispensary online, we know how consumption of weed can affect each individual differently. THC is the substance that produces the intoxication known by all as the “high.” The THC levels of each cannabis product differ from another.

We address the different methods of consuming cannabis as a Canadian online dispensary that sells all kinds of cannabis products.

Regardless of what method you use, the THC in cannabis will be released into your bloodstream, from where it will travel to your brain. Even though the effect of cannabis is the same, there are differences between how each way of ingesting shows results. Cannabis joints and edibles are among the most sold marijuana products in our Canadian dispensary online. This makes it necessary to explore the differences between these two methods of consuming cannabis. Before we buy ganja online, pay attention to this.

Smoking Weed

Smoking is the oldest and most common way of consuming weed. Our online weed shop has a wide range of strains for customers to buy, and each of them give a quick, instant high. The smoke from the joint directly transports into the lungs, through which it is quickly taken to the brain of a person. Smokers tend to smoke because of the very quickness of results. Even if the results are quick, they last for a short period of time.

Pre-rolled Joints Canada
Health risks of cannabis smoke are proven to not be as prominent as tobacco smoke. Even though the respiratory health risks are still there, the specific potential risks of cannabis smoke are still not scientifically tested and proven. However, respiratory patients must settle for alternative methods of consuming cannabis. An online weed shop is a place where you can buy cannabis strains with different THC levels, which will be beneficial for those who are using it for recreational as well as medical purposes.

Edible Cannabis

Sounds more appealing, right?
Definitely yes. One of the highest selling products of any online dispensary Canada is the edibles. Edibles are cannabis-infused food, hard-cooked, and boiled to activate the CBD and THC. Cannabis edibles can be made in various forms like cookies, chocolates, gummies, hard candy, brownies, cakes, macaroons, lollipops, and much more.

The process of digestion of cannabis edibles is not abrupt like in smoking. THC absorbed by the intestinal linings would then be directed towards the liver, where it would be broken down into much higher effectiveness. This way, an edible would at least take 30 minutes to kick in. Sometimes, the effects will be delayed until 60-80 minutes. The perks you get when you buy ganja online in edible form from a MOM dispensary can be immense.

  • Cannabis edibles can result in a high that lasts much longer than joints
  • Edibles are incredibly appetizing, yummy, and so similar to an everyday delicacy you would willingly chew into.
  • The THC and CBD levels of the product can always be known beforehand when you buy edibles from a Canadian dispensary online. If the said online weed shop does not display details of the product, you are certainly not in the right store!
  • Cannabis edibles are 100% safe because there is no smoke going into your lungs when you have them.
  • You can also brew weed into a beverage like tea and consume.
  • Edibles bought from a Canadian online dispensary can be easily stored in your special treat box, labeled and kept separate. Be careful of how much you treat yourself because cannabis treats are not to be gobbled up like regular gummies.

Bottom-line Of The Behavior Of Edibles and Flowers

Smoking Canadian CannabisAfter all, buy ganja online from a trustworthy MOM dispensary that will specify each product and offer you a wide range of product options. Smoking cannabis can hit quicker, and create a high that will start just seconds after you take the first whiff and last for 1-3 hours, based on the level of THC.

Edibles are something else. They kick in slower, and show their peak effects slower. Usually, the peak of your high will hit as late as four hours after ingestion. Regardless, the high produced by cannabis edibles will ebb really slowly. Some say that the effects stay through their sleep into the next day. The after-effects of edibles will typically last for 10-12 hours.

Either way, you choose to ingest cannabis, make sure that you purchase your pot from a reliable Canadian online dispensary. If you are a medical cannabis user, rely on the advice of a healthcare professional to pick a product that suits you best.

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