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March 11, 2020

King Tut

There is literally no one on the planet who has not heard of the Great Tutankhamen. Named after majestically mysterious king of the Pharaohs, King Tut weed is probably the most exotically divine strain out there that no one should die without trying. This strong cannabis strain will give you an elation that is guessed to be what heaven feels like. If you have not tried King Tut’s weed, this complete guide to the Tutankhamun Sativa will help you figure out everything you wanted to know.

Quick Facts About King Tut Strain

King Tut weed is a Sativa-dominant strain, brownish green in color.

  • King tut weed originates from AK-47, a family of strains known to give a smooth yet powerful high.
  • This type of weed can have a THC level of up to 30%.
  • King Tut weed plants take 2-3 months to flower. It is easy to grow the plant: another reason why it is so famous.
  • If you take a whiff at it, your nostrils will be filled with the smell of earth, flowers and citrus mixed together. The uniqueness of smell is strikingly unmistakable.
  • Despite its dominant smell of freshly dug soil, King Tut strain tastes nothing like that! The strain has a fruit sugar taste with just a mild hint of juicy citrus added to it in a delectable blend.
  • If you are a beginner, King Tut is not the strain for you! Irresponsible consumption can lead to easy overdosing and cause your eyes to look a crisp red and your mouth to feel parched with thirst. King Tut weed is definitely the perfect choice for a user of marijuana who has a bit more experience in consuming different strains of pot.
  • When you buy ganja online, make sure you first check the THC levels of the king tuts weed you are ordering.

Sky High with King Tut Weed!

King Tut Weed Online

King Tut strain is believed to be the king of the happy lot out there. The high THC concentration makes this the most popular strain that gives an incomparable elation that is closer to a euphoric elevation that mere happiness. The best thing about King Tut weed is that it does not impair your train of thought or mar your vision but intensifies your focus and supports the faster and clearer flow of thinking. The energy levels will be immensely boosted, and you will feel a lot of focused sensations at once. Hardly any other strain does all of this. If you are browsing through our weed shop looking for the must-try-at-least-once-in-life strain, King Tut weed is the best thing out there we can recommend.

 Medical Properties of King Tut Strain

In a strictly medical sense, King Tut Weed has a lot in store to offer. King Tut strain, being originally known for inducing happiness, relief, and better focus – can treat some of the most critical mental and physical conditions in the blink of an eye. Trust me when I say this, King Tut weed is the best stress reliever out there. The euphoric revelation can be a great relief for stress, anxiety, and even the severest cases of medical depression. The trick of King Tut Strain to be one of the most effective stresses and pain relievers out there in any weed shop is its divine property of causing a human mind to feel joy. This is a successful diversion from the pain and stress the patient is feeling. Even when it comes to physical pain, joint pain, muscle spasms and inflammation – King Tut’s weed offers a great distraction to keep the mind euphoric for at least two good hours.

 Myths about King Tut Weed

The weird name of King Tut strain has made many assume that this is a breed that has a danger hidden in it. However, this is nothing more than a myth without a premise! King Tut is now believed to be the most adventurous of all weed plants because of its pure texture and quick effects. King Tutankhamen’s name being associated with the strain only increases its uniqueness. Nevertheless, King Tut weed should be consumed under a proper prescription and guidance if you are a medical cannabis user. Overuse of any type of weed, let alone King Tut, can cause unwanted problems.

 Limited Stocks

Thanks to the extreme popularity of King Tut Weed and the word of mouth recommendations getting around pretty quickly, King Tut’s weed has become one of the fastest-growing plants in gardens, also one of the fastest emptying products on our shelves! King Tut weed is also recently recognized among women who buy ganja online as a great relief to menstrual cramps. Merely speaking, King Tut weed is the perfect solution to chronic pain and mental stress. Make sure you grab your share of King Tut Strain today itself because the good stuff always goes faster!

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