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April 25, 2022

If you’re looking for a strain for the likes of the stars or one that lands you among the stars – you have found your match in the ever-fabulous LA kush cake strain! 

This hybrid, Indica-dominant strain takes you to all the places you need to go and keeps you incredibly high and relaxed at the same time. With a generous kick of flavor and a soothing peppermint aftertaste to it, this cake strain knows how to throw a party for one, five, and fifty! 

The LA kush weed strain is a smooth, easy-going hitter. But, don’t underestimate what this miracle worker can do for your highs – it does a lot!

Want to get your taste of this extraordinary strain? Read on as we get into all-things LA kush cake strain! 

What is the LA Kush Cake Strain? 

Kush weed strains in natural form before it is prepared and used for smoking

A superstar in its own right, the LA kush cake weed strain is a beloved hybrid. It is actually a cross between two pretty powerful and refreshing strains – Wedding Cake and Kush Mints.

As its name suggests, LA kush cake is grown in sunny areas, and mostly in Los Angeles, and that’s why it was called ‘weed meant for Hollywood!’

What makes the LA kush cake so desirable is its mind-boggling vanilla aroma, alongside its purple-colored buds, and iced highlights! It tastes different than the way it smells, with many consumers reporting refreshing hints of peppermint, and an earthy aftertaste, but in the best way possible!

This is because the strain has a whopping THC level of 23%, while the CBD isn’t bad either, ranging up to 1%! It’s an Indica-governed strain, which gives you the relaxed, yet very happy, sometimes euphorically sleepy effects! Many who have tasted its wrath reported feelings of arousal as well. 

The dominant terpene in LA kush cake is limonene, which is why the taste is like you’ve just taken a mint! Other similar stains in taste, look and effects include the Super Sour Diesel, Liberty Haze, and the Platinum Punch strain!


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LA Kush Cake: Pros, Cons & Specifics

An amount of kush weed in its raw form

La Kush cake has a whopping 24% THC, and 1%CBD level, that’s pretty strong compared to other newbie strains. If you think about it ten years ago, the strongest strain hardly made it to 20%! 

You can expect that relaxing feel to take over 15 minutes or less after your first few hits, and you might want to head off to your bed. The effects could last for hours if you don’t break it off with a snack or two in the meantime. 

LA Kush cake is one of the most powerful strains out there, all due to its potent strainage. To create La kush Cake, breeders mix the Wedding Cake and Kush Mints strain, which gives the hybrid its minty and vanilla notes. 

Positive Effects 

Everybody loves the LA Kush Cake strain because of its incredible effects, like slow burn euphoria, and quick relaxation time. You’ll definitely need a nap to recover from its effects if they feel too strong but the strain makes the best choice for shared experiences with friends. 

The strain also has a calming factor that might take a few minutes to kick in.

Negative Effects 

With great power come some minor side effects. La Kush Cake can cause a bit of anxiety and paranoia, especially for newbies, so tread carefully and stay moderate. 

How to Use LA Kush Cake Right

The LA kush cake strain effects can also vary between users, and since it is an Indica-predominant strain, it is best to use at nighttime.

Because La Kush Cake has full-body and full-blown effects, it’s best to use it when you need relaxation, a proper sleepy vibe, or a calming effect. Due to its potency, newbies are advised to consume the strain with caution and build tolerance first before getting into serious tokes. 

Ideally, the strain should be shared with a group of friends, especially if not using it at night.  

The La Kush Cake is an ideal indoor strain to use, you only need a joint of it to get the desired effects. Smoking more will only waste your product whereas the effects won’t change as much. The strain is a relaxant so it is not recommended to take when working or driving. 

Still, if you are suffering from insomnia, and uncontrolled anxiety, the LA kush cake strain is just your pick! 

How Is La Kush Cake Grown?

La Kush in its natural growing form before it is harvested

What’s pretty interesting to note about the LA kush cake strain is that almost anyone can grow it from La Kush Cake seeds. You don’t need how-to-grow dummy instructions for the LA Kush Cake – its potency doesn’t only come from its flavor, but its resistance to pests and molds as well! 

Smokers can grow it at home, or outdoors. In indoor spaces, the LA kush cake strain yield takes up about 12 ounces per square meter, while the flowering period lasts up to 8-9 weeks. After that, it’s harvest time!

If you are considering the outdoors to grow the strain, the LA Kush Cake Strain yield might take up to 13 ounces a plant. The best time to do this is in October!  LA kush vancouver weed dispensary

La Kush Cake Strain: Conclusion

Suitable for the night period, the La Kush Cake can finally kick your insomnia to the curb, and give you a wonderful sense of calmness! 

To get your own peppermint-flavored bud – explore NoBadHaze’s selection today and read all LA kush cake strain reviews to ensure it’s the right pick for you! 

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