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March 6, 2020

Evolution of Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis in a cookie? This would have sounded horribly violating some 50 years ago, but edible marijuana has become one of the non-controversial topics today. Cannabis edibles certainly seem like something everyone must try. Openly available up for grabs in any first-grade Canadian online dispensary, marijuana edibles come in the forms of cakes, gummies, hard candies, beverages, chocolates, cookies and several other tempting delicacies. Starting from world-renowned Mota edibles to different popular kinds of edibles, you can purchase edibles online legally and safely when you know the perfect online weed shop to rely on. As marijuana edibles are known to give you an excellent high, it will be dangerous not to know the limits, methods and truths about consuming edible cannabis.

For absolute first-timers, errors in consuming will make cannabis edibles a horror story forever. To avoid this, here are some fantastic tips to make the experience pleasantly unforgettable for first-time users of edibles.

Marijuana Edibles Takes Time to Kick in

One puff of cannabis will fill up your lungs with smoke and give you this instant feeling of intoxication. Nevertheless, marijuana edibles take time to create high. Just like how your food takes time to digest, Mota edibles take time to start hitting the digestive tract, which will then convert THC into a stronger version called 11-hydroxy-THC. The high created as a result of this process will take at least 30-60 minutes to kick in fully, and will last way longer than a smoke high does. Being patient will be rewarded; therefore, do not rush yourself to eat another before the digestive system does its work.

Never Eat Too Much!

Linking back to the first point, the slow effect of Mota edibles may persuade first-timers to eat more. Many cannabis edibles at once may end up in a total disaster, where the high would feel more like a blackout than a proper high.

Start Small

The power of effect in marijuana edibles is measured by the amount of THC in it. An online dispensary Canada sells cannabis edibles of varying THC doses, starting from 5mg to 150mg. Edibles higher than 150mg are never to be trusted, and overdosing can cause bigger problems than the problems you already deal with in life. As a starter, you can try marijuana edibles with a THC value of 5mg – 10mg.

The Effects will Last Long

Marijuana Edibles

Be prepared, because you are going to feel the high from 4 to 12 hours depending on the dose you chewed up. It is normal to feel groggy and disoriented, and you will be sleeping even before you know it. When you use the edible, just make sure you are not overdosing. An overdosing is usually characterized by paranoia, increased heart rate, hallucinations, anxiety, dry mouth and numbness. If you experience any of these symptoms, just do not panic over it. It is always better to use edibles with friends because then you can tell them if something is wrong. Relax, drink plenty of fluids and eat. After a few hours, you will fall asleep and wake up with a confused but relaxed head. To avoid overdosing on edibles, always consult the customer service of your Canadian online dispensary to know more about the THC levels in their products.

Keep Some Antidotes in Hand

A CBD-rich strain of cannabis ordered from a reputed online dispensary Canada will be a great friend to save you if you overdose on edibles. If not, oranges, grapefruit, lemon and pinene-rich foods like pine nuts or pistachios will help ease the high you are feeling.

Strictly No Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is one of the main ways you can get in trouble with edibles. Cannabis edibles, when mixed with alcohol, will cause nausea, headaches and dizziness. If you plan to visit a MOM dispensary online and buy some yummy Moda edibles, make sure that you do not have any mental health conditions like psychosis, depression and schizophrenia. There is a commonly acknowledged opinion that edibles can aggravate such conditions.

Store Your Edibles Safely Locked

Why you need to do this is obvious. Edibles bought from a Canadian Dispensary Online would look exactly the same as innocent candies bought from a grocery store. You do not want your pets, kids or anyone else to mistakenly chew into Mota edibles. The best way to store them would be to put them away in a sealed box, which only you have access to.

If you are an edible-virgin, follow these easy steps for a greatly satisfying first session of trying cannabis edibles. The most crucial step is to order your edibles from a reputed, authorized Canadian online dispensary. If you do so, seeking a safe dose of marijuana edibles will not be that hard of a challenge. 

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