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September 2, 2019

It’s a new world! Marijuana is “legal” and we are free to smoke and buy weed anywhere we would like right!? Even MOM dispensary. Well, Not exactly…

The government has set some strict rules on where you are allowed to buy and smoke your marijuana. The smoking laws are similar to those of smoking cigarettes. No smoking near doorways, in parks, or in your car and before getting behind the wheel.

The worst part about the legalization is that people STILL look at you smoking a joint as if it’s still illegal, and you’re breaking the law by smoking your joint.


What is a MOM dispensary?


MOM dispensary stands for Mail order marijuana dispensary. There is a large variety of them in Canada. They are typically much cheaper than government dispensaries with a much higher quality of products.

Online MOM Dispensary Canada

Why choose a MOM dispensary?


I find it odd that drinking alcohol is socially acceptable to everyone, but some ppl still can’t get past the bad stigma of marijuana.

Well, that is why online Canadian weed dispensaries are so great. They give you the utmost discretion.

No more walking into the store to wander the shelves aimlessly hoping they have what you want in stock, and most of the time settling for low-quality cannabis that you weren’t really looking for…

Now you can search the web and scan through a variety of stores to find exactly what it is your looking for without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

The selection and quality are usually much higher. The majority of online Canadian Weed dispensaries buy locally from craft growers who have smaller farms and can manage the quality to a level that these huge Licenced producers simply cannot.

Who would you rather support… A rich and greedy government-run monopoly business that is trying to suck the dollars out of you by raising their taxes and regulations on marijuana? Or would you rather support your local growers who have been around long before the government, and actually have a passion for growing the best cannabis possible. People who have literally relied on marijuana to help support their families and pay their bills since the days the government used to lock them away in prison for selling the very same “harmfull drugs” the government sells today?

If you ask me I would always lean towards the underdog trying to make it in this world than support the rich companies trying to suck every profit out of the industry. You can find out more about that here –

 How do I buy from a MOM dispensary?


Buying from a MOM dispensary is extremely easy!

  • Go to google and search the web for Canadian weed dispensary
  • Find a dispensary that sounds appealing to you. Try we have a great selection of only the best products and affordable pricing.
  • Scroll through the website and find the products you would like to purchase.
  • Add the order quantity you would like to purchase and add them to your cart.
  • When you are done shopping simply go to your cart and checkout. There is usually a cart icon on the top right of the screen that will bring you to that step.
  • After your order has been placed you will need to pay for your products. Most sites use a pay by E-transfer method. After the order has been placed they will send you an email containing a security question and an answer. Go to your online banking account and select the E-transfer option. Add new recipient and fill out the information including the email from the MOM dispensary that was given, along with the security question and answer provided to you. NEVER write anything more on this E-transfer than exactly what was asked of you by the MOM dispensary.
  • Once the payment has been sent you should get a confirmation email confirming everything went through, and that they received payment. They will give you a tracking number.
  • Wait for your products to show up in the mail! Depending on the shipping options they provide you should receive it within 4-5 days!

marijuana buds MOM Dispensary Canada

Support Local farmers


Canadian weed dispensaries are a regular thing now and ordering from them online is as simple as ordering something from Amazon or eBay.

We hope this short description of MOM dispensaries was helpful to you. We ask that you think twice the next time you’re about to buy from a government-run store. Instead consider supporting local farmers trying to stay afloat, and buy from MOM dispensaries.







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