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May 3, 2022

In desperate need of a creamsicle, with a high-worthy sidekick? The orange push pop strain is here to please and impress you! 

Other than satisfying your cravings, this flaming strain beauty will give you all the tingles without getting you all the way stoned!

An amazing hybrid of Orange Cookies and the Triangle Kush, the orange pop push is your ultimate energizer. Better than coffee and its jittery side effects, the orange pop push strain is the perfect relaxant for a day off! 

But, whether you are a newbie or an experienced consumer, this weed strain can be a fit to take at any time of the day and night – whenever you need a pop of enthusiasm!  

If you’re sick and tired of earthy flavors and want something creamy instead, the orange pop push strain can do wonders for you! 

From origin to effects and ways to use it, here is a full breakdown of the Orange Pop Push Strain!

Orange Push Pop Strain: Indica or Sativa? 

Weed strain in its natural form before it is harvested
Disclaimer: there are many variations in the outer look of the weed

Like any rightful powerhouse, the Orange Pop Push strain is a beloved hybrid.
Some argue that it is a mix of both Sativa and Indica strains, but most users agree that its effects are more similar to the ones given by Indica-dominant strains. 

Orange buds are often popular simply because of their Sativa effects. However, the Orange pop push is not a Sativa-based strain alone – hence, the pop in its name. 

Instead of keeping you on your toes, as Sativa strains do, thus hybrid works on relaxing you and helping you reduce stress and anxiety.

Some users believe that because the strain leans more towards Indica, it is not suitable for daily smoke. However, the Orange Pop Push boosts the focus and keeps you aware but also relaxed at the same time. 

The orange pop push weed strain has a refreshing orange-vanilla aroma too, which makes it discreet to consume and rich in texture. Its THC and CBD levels are off the charts as well, with potent 20% and 1% respectively!  

The Pros

Like all marijuana strains, orange pop push too has incredible advances of use, some being the most sought after! 

With a single puff, you’ll instantly feel giddier, happier, and more relaxed. Other benefits of using orange pop push as your next strain of choice include: 

  • Uplifted mood and spirits
  • Clears negative thoughts without causing jitters
  • Erases all traces of anxiety and stress
  • Makes your body tingle with good energy

The Cons 

With exquisite flavor come minimal downsides. Because it’s more of a happy-go-lucky strain, if taken without moderation, it may cause minor physical discomforts, including: 

  • Headaches 
  • Paranoia 
  • Dizziness 

Orange Pop Push Weed Strain: The Specs

Orange pop push might not be the rarest breed of all, but it’s surely a strain you’ll not find as easily. An heir to Orange cookies, one of the rarest strains of today, the Pop Push is likewise exotic in its look, smell, and effects.

Cultivated Harvested weed, ready for consumption
Disclaimer: there are many variations in the outer look of the weed

The orange push pop strain seeds aren’t a Sativa-dominant like the effects might suggest.
This is more of an Indica-based specimen that carries genes from both parents – Triangle Kush and Orange Cookies. This gives the weed mild impact, which kicks in fully at the 15-minute mark, but can last from 2 to 4 hours. This makes the strain ideal for all-day smokers.

Orange Pop Push is suitable for newbie experimentalists who want to take the edge off but also remain cognitive and responsive for the rest of the day. 

When compared to other fan favorites, Orange Pop Push shines because it makes you happy no matter how many times you hit it. And, it doesn’t send you to bed! 

How to Produce Orange Push Pop Strain?

You can get the orange pop push by crossing Triangle and Orange Cookies. 

However, unlike other strains, this one differs with its vanilla scent and recognizable flavor. It can easily cause the munchies, so get some snacks ready when you decide to test it out. The orange pop push strain’s flowering type is Photoperiod meaning that requires a time-consuming growth period, which can last between 52 and 60 days.

Grown outdoors, the orange pop push strain seeds might reach a weight of 10-15 oz. and a height of over 4 to 6 feet! If growing it indoors, the strain poses less of a hassle, and can weigh up to 400 grams! 

To many cultivators, growing the strain is of moderate difficulty. 

Where to Buy the Orange Pop Push Strain? 

Orange pop push strain’s cost might vary like all others, but it’s worth it due to its numbing, yet still-conscious effects. 

It has powerful origins which is why the price might seem steeper than others and reach up to $150. It’s mostly grown in Oregon, but it can also be farmed in Colorado, US. 

To find the best strains, grown at the most refined farms that ensure total quality,  visit our online Nobadhaze store! 

Quality strain, harvested and in Rolled form prepared for consumption
Disclaimer: there are many variations in the outer look of the weed

Is the Orange Push Pop Strain Healthy?

Orange pop push offers euphoric calmness, and tingles on your body, without jitters. It also causes peaked levels of creativity, as well as uplifted energy, which makes it super-healthy for moderate consumption.  

Commonly used as a medical marijuana aid, orange pop push’s combined Sativa and Indica strains make it a very relaxing product that can prevent stress but still keep you in positive spirits, and energized. 

As a healthy alternative to medicine, the strain can tend to your bodily pains, eradicate your worries, suppress any anxiety, and make you more social and interactive. 

Its fulfilling aroma and smell, as well as its benevolent effects, can keep you active for up to 4 hours, and you can continue with your day regardless of how much you smoked before.

The strain pairs perfectly well with creamsicles and other sweets, so if you are into satisfying multiple cravings at once, the orange pop push will make it happen! 

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