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Ice Wreck Strain is a 50/50 Indica/Sativa marijuana hybrid. This Crop King Seeds bred strain is insanely strong, with THC levels up to 28%. This kush is not recommended for beginners and users with low tolerance. This well-balanced hybrid can be used all throughout the day. Small amounts make it a delicious pick-me-up on long, strenuous days. Increasing the dosage, on the other hand, will make it the perfect companion for a relaxing, stress-relieving evening, but be careful not to couchlock yourself, It is easy to do.

Ice Wreck Strain has a potent head high that leaves users feeling upbeat. Meanwhile, its bodily effects are totally tranquillizing. The same recreational buzz also has medicinal effects that offer comfort to patients with health issues helping you sleep or forget about your problems among many other benefits.

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Ice Wreck Strain

Would Ice Wreck Strain really wreck you? To be honest, this is a cannabis strain that lives up to its definition. Ice Wreck is quite a shocker with the potency to give you a powerful high and a couch-lock. Trainwreck and Ice are the two-parent genetics behind this impressive strain. Crop King; the creative minds behind several other popular strains like Crown Royale and Candy Cane came up with this too. With a monstrous THC level that ranges between 18% – 28%, Ice Wreck will prove to you that stoning is not about losing consciousness. Simply speaking, this mouthwateringly pungent strain results in a high that sharpens your focus and relaxes you at the same time.

What It Looks Like

Ice Wreck has little flowers on it that very deceivingly hide the enormous power the strain holds within. As many other Indica-dominant marijuana strains, this too has the thick formation where the buds are in closely-clung spherical structures. The olive-green leaves are inky, while there are pistils of orange color tangled in them. The Ice Wreck strain is lumpy and sticky, with lucid trichomes covering it in a hazy white coating. Ice Wreck sure does look like it has just been taken out of the freezer.

Aroma And Taste

The scent and flavor are probably the two most interesting things about Ice Wreck. The buds smell like woods, earth and black pepper mixed together. The smell is almost impossible to describe, with a hint of warmth but also dampness. Ground-up buds have an intensified spicy note to it, typical to the Afghani Indica strain that this is born from.

Burning Ice Wreck is otherworldly.

Unlike Blue Diesel – AAA, The sharp, heady scent of burning Ice Wreck will be so irresistible that you will have no choice but to take a whiff. Make sure to be careful when you smoke it, because a generous inhale can make your throat hoarse and eyes water. The aftertaste will be similar to a balanced blend of mint, pine, musk and pepper. It will start teasing your taste buds in a flavorful burst as soon as you take the first smoke in.

Effects Of Ice Wreck

This amazing strain is quick in its results, and you will feel a strange sensation around your temples and eyes. Right afterwards, the relaxing high starts hitting in. The clarity of mind and the feeling of lightheadedness will be almost immediate. You will be able to focus better, and will feel a surge of creative energy taking over your existence.

Ice Wreck is not the kind of strain that will knock you out of consciousness. You will be imaginatively energized and positively directed. If you are continuously procrastinating with something boring that needs to be done, Ice Wreck is a great way to gather yourself together to do it. On Ice Wreck Strain, you would actually have fun doing it!

If you smoke this strain with an equally experienced set of your friends, you will get to enjoy a great day together with interesting and satisfying conversations.

Ice Wreck Will Help To:


  • Relax your mind and enjoy a moment of peace
  • Increase focus and concentration to direct towards activities that require both cerebral and physical skills

Ex: Gaming, home maintenance, exercise, sex

  • Ice Wreck is also used widely for medical purposes. Its effects will help ease symptoms of moderate depression, stress and anxiety. This miraculous strain is capable of curing bodily pain resulting from chronic conditions, accidents, injuries, fibromyalgia or lupus. However, patients who are highly sensitive to THC must stay out of Ice Wreck.


Thus, this is a strain that will be ideal for daily relaxation as well as relief from several medical conditions.

Hybrid – 50% Sativa-50% Indica

THC: 22-28%

CBD: 1-2%

CBN: 0.2-0.9%

Lineage- Ice and Trainwreck

Flavours- Chemical, Herbal, Mint, Sweet

Effects- Euphoria, Long Lasting, Sleepy, Uplifting

Aromas-Chemical, Earthy, Harsh, Pungent

Medical- Chronic Pain, Cramps, Headaches, Insomnia, Nausea, Stress

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1g, 3.5g (1/8oz), 7g (1/40z), 14g(1/2oz), 28g (1oz)


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