CannabisReview Of Blue Diesel

June 10, 2020

Whoever hates Blue Diesel should be either senseless or not doing it right.

This versatile strain is dominant in Indica, and definitely has one of the most pleasant flavours and the most appealing smells in the world of cannabis. Regardless of what time you choose to smoke, the Blue Diesel vibe will never cease to amaze you.

Blue Diesel Strains

What is Blue Diesel Strain?

Nobody ever thought that Blue Diesel; the random blend of Blueberry and NYC Diesel strains would be the bomb, but it sure did!

The strain is aromatic, pleasing, Indica-dominant and has a high THC level (16% – 23%). The effects of the innocent-looking yet powerful strain are abrupt and vehement. However, the sensation is not overwhelming but gives you an intense yet bizarrely blissful high that will last long. It is believed that this strain’s feeling is almost incomprehensible, so trying to describe it in words would do it no justice.

First created by Breeder’s Choice, this remarkable invention is now a popular strain of weed sold in almost every Canadian dispensary online.

Effects of Blue Diesel

Instead of giving you the typical couch-lock that is to be traditionally expected out of a weed strain, this bad boy hits you with a different high. The effects start kicking in immediately, yet consciously giving you a bliss blend of bliss, joy, spiritual elevation, physical stability, and surprisingly steady focus.

It is hard to believe that all of this could come with one strain, but Blue Diesel strain sure does surprise you. The instantly relaxing and stress-relieving qualities of it have made it a pretty commonly recommended medical strain as well.


Blue Diesel cannabis strain almost smells like an expensive, classy bottle of perfume with blueberry and tobacco notes. The popular Diesel strain’s aroma is unmistakable, and the sweet blueberry scent adds a fruity vibe to it. The strain smells of a burst of summer-like, fruit-filled goodness with a hint of strong earthy and woody notes.


The description of smell you read was so explanatory because the flavour matches the smell, must rephrase, rather exceed it. The flavour of blueberries will tease your tongue along with a mix of Diesel, making your mouth water when you inhale. The exhaling puff will tingle in your taste buds and bring a spicy aftertaste.

There is no better invitation to take a second whiff than this.

Adverse Effects

The more powerful the strain is, the more cautious you need to be about the consequences.

Blue Diesel, when overdone, can cause headaches, dizziness, and a strange feeling of your mouth running dry. This results in a weird sense of being dehydrated or overwhelmingly thirsty. Some experience fits of paranoia, but such extremes are very rare and only occur when it overdoses.

With a bit of control and vigilance, this can end up being the best strain you can ever buy from any weed shop online.

Review of Blue Diesel on Medical Properties

A considerable number of buyers who buy ganja online from our dispensary are consuming it under professional healthcare recommendations.

Blue Diesel can be used to fight a variety of diseases, both mental and physical. Patients with continuous chronic pain, bothering them can use a monitored dose of Blue Diesel to feel better. The list of chronic diseases that can be alleviated includes migraine, joint pain, muscle pain, arthritis, back pain, sprains and inflammations. Speaking of mental conditions, stress and depression disorders can be treated successfully with the strain, mainly because of its calming characteristics. The energetic effects will uplift the mood of distressed and depressed patients, replacing the negativity with promising encouragement.

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