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May 13, 2022

Meet the designer strain among all cannabis types, the legendary Tom Ford strain! This super-strong bad boy of the bunch is popular as a myth among cannabis-smoking communities, but those who’ve tried it have never been the same again! 

With a whopping, king-sized THC level and mild CBD features, Tom Ford is rightfully luxurious and fit for the most devoted of weed fans! It’s not named after one of the world’s leading fashion designers for nothing, as this breed puts all others to shame when it comes to power! Also known as Ford Pink Death, Tom Ford is an Indica-dominant type with an even better appearance! 

Want to know more about this mesmerizing piece of work only cannabis can produce? Continue below to learn more about the legendaryTom Ford strain! 

Tom Ford weed in a form after harvesting
Disclaimer: there are many variations in the outer look of the weed

What Kind of Strain is Tom Ford?

Tom Ford, or the Tom Ford Kush or TFK, holds the throne as the top cannabis strain developed in the last century. This gorgeous piece of work is world-renewed, and not just because of its mind-blowing good looks. This Indica-dominant strain produces nothing but ever-lasting highs without severe crashing lows! Another key factor about the Tom Ford strain is its fresh scent and flavor with woody and citrusy after tones. 

When you take a look at the Tom Ford, you’ll see that it screams strength simply because of its colorful, rainbow-ish, frosty looks!

The incredible Tom Ford strain is created by cross-breeding two superpowers of the marijuana industry, the all-time consumer favorites Pink Kush and Death Bubba! Commonly called a hybrid, although it lingers more towards Indica’s side, Tom Ford has 20% Sativa features. The Indica attributes contribute 80% of its construction, which gives you over-the-top THC levels. 

To be exact in calculations, the Tom Ford strain boasts THC levels from 23% to 25%, much higher than regular variants. This is due to Tom Ford’s unbelievable genetics and potent ancestors. The CBD levels aren’t that bad either, with 1% giving you that little bit of calmed demeanor. 

What Strain is Tom Ford Pink Kush?

Tom Ford Strain combination of indica dominant hybrid strains.
Disclaimer: please keep in mind that there are many variations in the outer look of the weed

The Pink Kush is actually one of the parents of Tom Ford. It comes from Canada, and it’s one of the constituents that gives Tom Ford its powerful features and over-the-top THC levels. The Pink Kush is the one that carries the Indica qualities with an incredible 90% of it in its chemical structure. The Sativa features in Pink Kush, on the other hand, are completely on the opposite side with 10%. 

Pink Kush also has more of the beneficial components of cannabis, with CBD and CBN levels that reach 1%! The Tom Ford strain inherits the high THC levels from Death Bubba, while Pink Kush has a more moderate but still high THC range with 20%! Pink Kush grants the beloved Tom Ford strain the medical benefits of CBD, CBN, and Indica traits!

Tom Ford Strain: Pros, Cons and Specifics 

Since you know that both parents of the Tom Ford strain are equally powerful but in widely different ways, the Ford got only the best from each. It’s an Indica dominant with a whopping 25% THC, while some breeders can develop ones that reach 35%! 

For the effects, you can say that the Tom Ford is equally satisfying as it is overwhelming to newbies. It’s more suitable for veteran cannabis smokers, as some newbies might not be able to handle retrieving their heads from the skies. It’s more of a night-type strain, suitable for beating the heck out of insomnia! 

Positive Effects 

When it comes to positive effects, the Tom Ford is popular for producing a sense of calmness, relaxation and relief. It’s known for decreasing mental stress, and any negative thoughts or worries quickly wash away with every toke. It’s the perfect hippie strain as it never disappoints in getting you to that all-desired high. Some might even consider it a sedative as it affects both the body and soul, getting you to a state of utter relaxation and even sleepiness. 

It might have a potent smell, so it’s best to use it indoors. Tom Ford can be used to treat anxiety, depression, chronic pain, night tremors, stress and much more. 

Negative Effects 

The Tom Ford strain might get you all sleepy, so it’s best to have a bed nearby to lay down if necessary. Don’t overcloud a room either, as some of Tom Ford’s side effects include dry eyes and mouth. Remember to stay hydrated while smoking! Also, if you’re not taking it before some shut-eye, do it in a group session, indoors, as Tom Ford can produce a little bit of paranoia. 

How is Tom Ford Strain Grown?

Tom Ford Weed Strain
Disclaimer: there are many variations in the outer look of the weed

The Tom Ford strain is excellent because it can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Since they do not require much from the grower besides fresh air and a bit of sunlight, Tom Ford is worth the wait. A growing session usually lasts 10-11 weeks. After this period, you can expect your Tom Ford to bloom, and you can harvest. It might take a longer time to yield, but Tom Ford’s buds are definitely worth the wait!

Where to Buy Tom Ford Strain? 

Popular as one of the highest-rated strains on Leafly, alongside GMO Cookies and Apple Cider, Tom Ford deserves a throne of its own. Similar in its properties to the well-known marijuana greats, the Tom Ford strain is developed only to satisfy even the biggest of non-believers. If you think no strain can get you high anymore, you should step aside and let Tom Ford work its magic! It’s not named after world-class fashion designers for nothing, as this breed is one with a pedigree! 

With mind-blowing THC magnitudes, no match is appropriate for Tom Ford. If you want to experience your fair share of awesome appearance and even better taste and feel, head on over to NoBadHaze.com to experience the best cannabis has to offer. Nothing but sweet scents and even tastier aromas, and you can expect all that and much more from Tom Ford! 


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