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May 13, 2022

If you’re looking for something to curb your appetite and trigger your imagination, trippy treats are here to serve you a blazing kick!

Brace yourself for a yummy and high-friendly weekend or a fun night out and have a go with these trippy treats that bring in all the fun and flavor you can ask for. 

The good-magic mushroom is all around us, and you can now incorporate it into your favorite sweet treats and make these trippy snacks from scratch. 

Infuse your shroom with milky chocolate, raisins, or chocolate chips, and create a buzzing dessert that everyone wants to get their hands on! 

For the perfect shroom trip with a side of sweetness, here is what to know about making and taking your trippy treat bars! 

What are Trippy Treats?

Disclaimer: the outlook of the mushrooms can be variable
Trippy treats is the fancy name for treats that are often infused with psychedelic mushrooms. The traits are meant for micro-dosing and for those who have a sweet tooth and the desire to get dazed and confused – the cool way! 

Forget THC-infused edibles and say hello to another level of high, courtesy of trippy treats mushrooms! When the main shroom compound, psilocybin, melts with unsweetened chocolate, you get a reliable dose of product that makes for incredible, mind-spinning effects!

Trippy treats can be the perfect addition to your night-in with friends, and their mild effects will have you relaxed yet positively stimulated for the entire evening! 

The key ingredients in these treats are chocolate and the trip-providing shrooms, also known as Golden Teacher mushrooms. The shrooms are suitable for newbie experimentalists, and whilst they won’t stone you all the way, they still provide potent effects and a sweet flavor that keeps on giving. 

Trippy treats mushrooms, or trippy treat bars, are the perfect product for those who prefer micro-dosing, rather than getting high as a kite. Even if you just want to take the edge off for the night,  these gateway shroom delights will keep you pleasantly buzzed and ready to party the night away! 

Consumers suggest the trippy bars provide shamanic traits and can spark up one’s sense of spirituality. The treats are also super-tasty and skip the earthy mushroom flavor, whilst delivering its every effect. 

To prolong your high-worthy experience, you can store your trippy treat chocolate bar in a dry and cool place or even in the freezer. Trippy bar treats are potent to a degree, but since it’s mushrooms you’re consuming, don’t expect an instant effect. Give the shroom treats about 45 minutes to induce effects, and enjoy the waves as they come!  

Psychodelic Mushrooms - the main ingredient of Trippy Treats

How to Make Trippy Treat Shrooms?

If you don’t have the $50 to purchase trippy treats online, it is time to put on your chef’s hat and make some on your own. No complicated recipes here, these shroomy treats are super-easy to make and require only a few ingredients. 

Aside from store-bought chocolate, other ingredients for this recipe include: 

  • 4 grams of dried shrooms (use the Golden Teacher for the best effects)
  • A saucepan
  • A bowl 
  • A sharp knife
  • Chocolate molds 

Before anything else, ensure that the mushrooms are dried entirely. If so, chop them into tiny pieces and break the chocolate into cubes. 

Place the chocolate in a glass bowl. Add water to the pot and cover it with your glass bowl. Heat up the water and bring it to a boil, to melt the chocolate. Once melted, set the chocolate aside so it cools down at room temperature. Then, add the chopped mushrooms to the melted texture, mix with the water next and use a spoon to even out the texture. 

Use a chocolate bar mold to transfer the mix and place your mixed-in molds in the fridge. Give them two hours or longer to harden, and then – time to try what you created! 

This is a superb treat to make for a friendly gathering and enjoy a thrill-seeking ride. However, it is not wise to overconsume the trippy bars, since every mushroom has at least 5 grams of psilocybin. In other words, eating too many bars will drastically enhance your trip – and not necessarily in a good way. 

For newbies and inexperienced shroom aficionados, it’s best to start slow and always give the treats some time to work before serving yourself another round.

Psyclodelic Mushrooms Where to Buy Trippy Treats & Shroom Chocolate Bars Near Me?

If you’re not into making the perfect batch of chocolate with mushrooms, you can always find anything your heart desires online. 

There are tons of trippy treats to enjoy, varying in potency, flavors, and types of shrooms. When purchasing an edible product online, it is imperative to do a proper amount of research, reputability on the site’s part, and make sure the brand is actually trustworthy. Also, you can read trippy treats reviews and trippy bar reviews to compare various options!

If you’re looking to buy trippy treats suited to your budget, needs, and quality criteria, visit NoBadHaze.com

We offer a selection of trippy treats for everyone’s taste – from psychedelic capsules for micro-dosing to THC tinctures, gummies, and lollipops! 

Inside our catalog of products, you will also find fresh batches of mushrooms for an incredibly low price – but premium quality. 

A single batch of the newbie-beloved Golden Teachers can be purchased for as little as $7 or you can go wild and get extremely trippy with the Great White Monsters or Magic mushrooms for as little as $9! 

The beast trippy treats deals and the finest psychedelic mushroom chocolate bars for sale are waiting for you at NoBadHaze – grab your favorite today! 

Trippy Treats Shrooms for the Win!  

Overall, trippy treats, including chocolate bars with mushrooms are a cool way to spend an afternoon relaxing rather than tripping and enjoying these babies’ marvelous effects. Of course, as with all other high-worthy treats, ensure you practice moderation and avoid consuming them too often, or in larger quantities.

Otherwise, the mild, calming, and mellow effects of these sweet treats will have you unwinding and enjoying your newfound Zen like never before!

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